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Top ten tips to get the most out of your wedding photographer

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

1. Meet in person; get to know them... For me I want to get to know you! I will always try and get a shoot in prior to the big day or at the very least a cuppa or a drink date. Shoot wise it's a good way to see what level of prompting or posing you are comfortable with and get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera and have a bit of fun without the pressure of time/guests etc of the actual day.

2. Let them know what you want to feel when you look back at the photos in 20 years time!

3. Let them know the absolute musts... your wedding photographer will be a dab hand at capturing those special moments but if there are any things that you think they should know about let them know (surprises; defo better if the photographer is in the know)

4.Timelines! A clear timeline for the day is really helpful and can allow the photographer to plan in detail shots alongside portraits etc... Even the most militant of planners is likely to go off plan even a tiny bit.... roll with it.. trust your photographer... if they grab you because the sunset is too beautiful to pass up... your pud can wait!

Bride putting on Pearl shoes
Finishing touches

5.Your wedding photographer has been around the block! They come into contact with so many suppliers across the industry. They will be full of all sorts of advice from recommendations

of suppliers to helping the day run smoothly.

6. Getting ready... Bridal portraits.... my absolute top tips for this time is clutter free space and lots of light; TIP: A great way to maximise my time is to put all of the things aside that I need for the detail shots. The ring, the shoes, the cuff links, the love letters - put it all aside so I can arrange them and swap through quickly.

Bride and Groom in golden hour sunset
Sunset Kisses

7. It is a good idea to connect the photographer to a wedding planner (if using one) again just helps make the day go more smoothly... connecting key suppliers will help as they will be working in tandem on the day.

8. Unfortunately weddings, while the most magical time can also bring the most family drama. Are there any family dynamics that need to be highlighted prior to the big day to reduce any uncomfortable gaffs for you, them or the photographer.

9. Communication throughout the whole process is key... prior to the day as well as on/throughout the day.

10. Relax and breathe (as much as you can!); and enjoy

I send out a lovely pack; following a signed contract, and it's full of helpful hints and tips to help the big day go smoothly; as well as a handy list of recommended suppliers.

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