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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer with Pink hair


Here I am, as I said, I am Sam.


I live in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and have two beautiful girls Ava-Rose and Lola. 

I am a creative soul and that is at the heart of nearly everything I do. I had wanted to study art or fashion design but quickly realised I was more creative rather than being able to draw or paint.

I actually studied Psychology all of those years ago... I do think this helps me connect with people on the day to day. I am laid back, approachable and up for a chat; wedding related or no.

Sound like a bit of you? Want to know more?

Hertfordshire wedding photographer


My other baby

Rose Rae Photography began with my wee bubbas. When I'm not capturing clients character, personality and connection I'm most likely doing it with my little munchkins. 
I have been around weddings for years so felt a natural shift to capturing weddings.
My full time little business went live at the very beginning of 2021 (not sure why that was the best idea in lockdown but the rest is history as they say) but this baby of mine had been a side hustle, for a fair few years, to begin with alongside my fashion job.
Since going full time I have really been able to invest in myself and the business and really hone my craft to give my clients the best experience.

Hertfordshire wedding photographer


With photography that is natural, relaxed, and beautifully lit, I have a calm and fun approach to each one of my projects and I will capture your day in a non obtrusive way. I rarely pose couples as I really want to capture you and your connection. You will never hear me utter the words 'smile' or 'cheese'.

I will always go above and beyond to capture the best images of your wedding day. I want you to be able to remember how you felt and I do think that comes through in the frames captured from the day.

I will always meet up and get to know you as a couple prior to the big day; helps everyone involved, especially if you are not that comfortable in front of the camera.

I love to get in the thick of it capturing shots through out the day from the big things to the little things that might otherwise not even be noticed through candid shots.

 I love details and the scene that is set as well as those big moments like the confetti shot or first dance.

   Like what you see? Fill in your deets on my contact form and I'll be in touch   

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