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Newly Engaged? What now?

Once you have come out of the newly engaged haze perhaps those wonderful feelings of excitement and trepidation are starting to be replaced with slightly overwhelming feelings of where to even start?

Let's take a little step back.... let's take stock... start with you guys... what are the most important elements? The venue? The date? The theme? Do it yourself? Or wedding planner? The budget?

Chances are you already have a bit of a pinterest board of ideas... there are so many ways to start pulling together these days... with social media and the diversity in the wedding industry there is so much to choose from.... like I say take stock of what is really important to you guys as a starting point so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Start in pinterest, Instagram and facebook... look for wedding hashtags or wedding blogs that suit your wedding theme... tiktok can even be a great way for you to get a feel of suppliers, venues etc. It really is in some ways a much more personable approach.

If you really are stuck on what sort of things are available then do head out to wedding fair or venue open day; another good way to meet people who can make your dream wedding happen.

Start compiling those suppliers that top the priority list... venue, photographer, videographer, florist, dress designer, wedding planner, stationer, stylist, cake, make up and hair stylist, celebrant/religious leader/registrar, entertainment, caterers, transport... with the pandemic still ongoing suppliers have been rebooking cancelations and postponements. You have a must have get them locked in asap.

Think about your crew.... who is going to be there to really dig in and help in the run up and on the day? Will you be dress shopping with your crew? It isn't just about that day... there is dress shopping, make up trials not forgetting the hen and stag dos. Then on the day the bridal/groom prep is a lovely time to be spending with those who are closest to you and helping you get hitched

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding and booking a photographer that you really click with. The photographs will be those everlasting elements from the day and they need to be able to capture those moments and as well as be able to click with you guys as a couple... they will be capturing some of the most intimate moments of the day so a good relationship/rapport is so important.... I would say that this is probably one of the suppliers that might need a bit more attention and I don't suggest scrimping... the investment in your photographer is exactly that an investment in your cherished memories of your day.

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