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Meet your authentic, nontraditional, relaxed and fun Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

As if I don't have a post to introduce myself... school boy error.

Mom Kissing her toddler and the toddler is head back laughing

Welcome to my blog, I am Sam, offering authentic, nontraditional photography for fun and relaxed couples

Today, I want to introduce myself... who am I? What do I do? Why do I do it?And so here I go I will take you on a journey through my world of capturing love, emotions, and unforgettable moments behind the lens. Being a wedding photographer is not just a profession for me; it's a passion that allows me to freeze in time some of the most beautiful celebrations of love.

But hang fire how did I get here... let me take you back back back.

As with most things my journey to this wonderful business has not been linnear. So buckle in and try and keep up with my brain

As with most people I followed the tradish ... did the A levels... did the uni... did a post grad college course... got a corporate job

As long as I can remember I have been into photography... the nominated photographer with a point and shoot for all those nights out in the early days! I also I have always been around weddings... having worked wedding through the uni I attended as well as working with an events company... but alas I didn't find that calling just yet.

When I completed my psychology degree I worked briefly for a mental health charity and I quickly realised that this path that had been set out for me, by society I might add, was not for me and I felt bad that I just wasn't cut out to be a social worker or work with people who needed care.

Bearing in mind that I had spent quite a decent chunk of time and money getting myself through uni I thought what the hell am I going to do?

I am a creative soul so I sat and searched through post graduate jobs that I might be able to lean into which nothing really registered... I then discovered the fashion retail academy which opens doors to a career in fashion but not just the run of the mill 'fashion designer'

So off I went to London guys... London. Honestly so many bucket list things being ticked off... I lived in Clapham and it was just the best time ever... ever... Infernos IYKYK haha

So there I was completed the qualification in fashion ... thought I wanted to be a buyer... oh the glamour... the supplier trips... the buying trips... the fashion... etc etc...absolutely not glamorous... (again as with most things) and the competition was fierce! So I took the complimentary role and I became a fashion merchandiser... the much less glamorous cousin to the fashion buying role.

And here I stayed in my comfort zone...

Then I entered into my mom ERA and things clicked that I was following this route that had been carved out for me that wasn't enabling me to be an authentic version of myself... my job had turned toxic... nothing was good enough, despite being the best profit or whatever measure was being used at the time. It wasn't aligning with my core values and I wanted to make sure I was teaching my smalls that actually we all NEED to be our authentic selves and actually retail just wasn't that for me anymore.

When my second small was born it just switched lights on in me and really leaned into my creative side... I picked up my camera and really learned all I could and in the year I was off on maternity leave wanted to get good enough to do a cake smash when she turned 1.

I worked really hard on the photography on the side and covid and all that jazz and I really felt like I had a knack for capturing the feeling in an image. I reached out to a photographer who kindly took me under her wing for weddings and the rest is history as they say Rose Rae Photography was fully born and I full on threw myself into the wonderful, magical world of weddings and I have never looked back. A beautiful place where I can be me, do this amazing thing that I love and capture such important details for people on one of their most important, memorable and intimate of days. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HONOUR

As a wedding photographer, every assignment is a new story waiting to be told. The joy, the tears, the laughter - each moment is unique and deserves to be captured in its purest form. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, I have been fortunate to witness and document love in its myriad forms.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is the ability to blend in with the wedding festivities seamlessly. I believe in building a connection with the couple and their families, allowing me to capture genuine emotions and candid moments. It's these authentic expressions that bring life to my photographs and resonate with the hearts of those who view them.

I am able to blend in when needed but also be your hype gal and bring the energy when needed and it's that adaptability that allows me to capture the best moments

In the world of wedding photography, every click of the camera is a document of love, a testament to the bond shared by two individuals. It's not just the two of you though there is so much on the day between your friends, fam and the essence that makes up your day. It's about more than just taking pictures; it's about creating timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

During my time as a wedding photographer, I have captured authentic and emotional images, I aim to connect with couples looking for a photographer who can capture the essence of their special day.

For those considering hiring a wedding photographer, the decision often comes down to finding someone who can not only take beautiful photos but also understand the unique dynamics of each couple. Through my work, I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment that allows love to shine through naturally.

Outside of taking photos of beautiful weddings obvs my main hobby (LOL) is bring up my smalls. Other bits and bobs though...

I am a fierce fierce friend and integrity is absolutely non negotiable pour moi.

I love anything pink and or sparkly... which includes wine 🤣

I love love love a wedding and could hear or talk about them until the cows come home!

Gang, I Love wine, cake, cheese, and glitter ooh also a coupé glass maybe in that order, maybe not depending on the point in the school calender

I'm a wee bit weird... kooky some have said.

I'm 100% a silly sausage and and I love fun and laugh a lot and surround myself with the same.

I count myself very lucky for the people I have around me and also that I get to this wonderful thing for a job!

If any of this resonates, this sounds like your cup of tea and you are in search of a Hertfordshire wedding photographer who values authenticity, emotion, and storytelling in their work, I would be honored to be a part of your special day. Let's capture your love story together!

I'll bring my own lols.

Some of my absolute faves... the smalls take prime spot, well, because just look at them.

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