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Katie and Dan's Hertfordshire Wedding at Hanbury Manor: A Love Story Filled with Glamour.

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Bride and Groom at sunset at Hanbury Manor
Bride and Groom at sunset at Hanbury Manor

Love is in the air, and we have a heartwarming tale to share with you! It all started when Katie and Dan had their first date at the fabulous Hanbury Manor. Fast forward to their wedding day, and you're in for a treat! From the stunning decor to Katie's glamorous Jimmy Choos and the epic dance floor, their wedding was a dream come true. So, grab a cup of tea and get ready to immerse yourself in their magical love story!

The Grandeur of Hanbury Manor, a Hertfordshire wedding venue:

Hanbury Manor was not just any venue for Katie and Dan; it was the place where their love story began. With its grandeur and charm, this venue provided the perfect backdrop for their fairytale Hertfordshire wedding. Poles Hall, oh my! It's where they exchanged vows and sealed their love forever.

Bride and Groom at Hanbury Manor couple portraits
Bride and Groom at Hanbury Manor

Glamour at Its Finest:

Katie, the blushing bride, stole the show in her wedding attire. Picture this: she rocked a pair of fabulous Jimmy Choos that added a touch of glamour and sophistication to her look. And let's not forget about her classic white rose bouquet by Jane Maples Flowers! It was simply stunning and timeless, perfectly complementing her bridal style.

Flatlay details: bridal shoes from Jimmy Choo
Flatlay details

Aisle of Petals and Blossom Trees:

Walking down the aisle was like stepping into a romantic wonderland. The aisle was adorned with delicate petals and charming blossom trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere. It was a sight straight out of a storybook, setting the stage for a truly magical wedding.

Poles Hall at Hanbury Manor
Poles Hall at Hanbury Manor

Golden Moments on the First Tee:

As the sun started to set, casting a warm and golden glow, Katie and Dan shared an unforgettable moment on the first tee. It was like nature itself was celebrating their love. The golden hour made everything look even more breathtaking.

Bride and Groom at sunset at Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire
Bride and Groom at sunset at Hanbury Manor

Dance the Night Away:

The dance floor was where the real party happened! The London function band took charge, playing Katie and Dan's favorite songs and keeping the energy high. The floor was popping, and guests couldn't resist joining in on the fun. It was a night of laughter, joy, and epic dance moves.

Dancefloor popping thanks to the London Function band
Dancefloor popping

Wishing Katie and Dan a lifetime of happiness

Katie and Dan's wedding at Hanbury Manor was a dreamy affair filled with love, glamour, and unforgettable moments. From their first date at the same venue to the magical golden hour on the first tee, every detail was carefully crafted to create a day they would cherish forever. So, raise your glass to this incredible couple and their journey as husband and wife. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever afters!


Video: Moments of Memory Photography

Decor & Styling: Coral and Blue Events

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