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Here come the boys!

All the fun stuff ( and not so fun stuff) that will help with the running of your day.

I'm a firm believer in delegating (while I am truly awful at delegating) if really is the best at getting things done... there are always a mix of skills!

However you are approaching the selection of your wedding party... whether that be bridesmaids and groomsmen or just the best man and woman there are some key duties that are just best delegated. These are ones that will easily make the day go smoother and will allow everyone to have fun with minimal stress....

Who doesn't want stress free?



There are obviously the fun tasks which include planning and attending/ensuring the groom stays in one piece on the Stag do but in order to help with the wedding tasks in the run up to the wedding there will be all sorts of fittings if there will be matching suits... the boys need to be on hand for said fittings and ensure accessories are bought if required.

They need to offer support and advice when needed as well as running errands in the run up to the day including bringing decorations and equipment to the venue.

Get a Time line and ensure they have the contact details of the key suppliers.


Very much fun stuff with the boys getting ready in the morning (build in enough time in the time line for the fun stuff)

The boys can get ready; they need to run errands in the morning including exchanging gifts between you guys as well as making sure the groom is in the right place at the right time and getting to the venue.

Other duties that the boys can help with include seating guests, assisting with any hiccups and ensuring that all the correct guests are rounded up for group photos. I cannot stress this enough as a task that should be delegated... Give the groomsmen a list of your group photos and then they can make sure the group photos go smoothly and efficiently... less time doing formal photos more time having fun.

Ensure the boys know they are in charge of keeping the dance floor full and the groom's drink topped up (not too much mind).


The main job will be doing the speech and toast and bringing the bants, and bringing the wedding bands for the ceremony.

All of that aside the best duty to be there for your groom, make sure he's got a drink and is having a good time!

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Thanks Sam xx

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