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Helpful Wedding Planning tools

Fully immerse yourself into the planning process. Make it fun and enjoy the process.

1. Wedding planners

A super place to keep all of those ideas and important info all in one place.

This particular one has everything you could think of when planning a wedding; including pages for inspo, emergency contacts and timelines for both the run up to the wedding and for on the day

You can purchase below:

2. Assemble the Crew

Pick those closest to you but also those that you can delegate tasks to not only on the day but also in the run up to the big day.

Again they are there to help, guide you and also help you enjoy the whole process from bouncing ideas to the process of choosing the outfit... that experience all adds to the big day

3. Set your budget.

Super important to sit down and agree this up front... there is always leaway and becomes a jigsaw around your priorities for your big day.

This is a less glamorous side of planning the day but very very important.

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